Dear all,

I hope you have all been keeping well given the circumstances. A big thank you to everyone for getting involved.

Club-wide WhatsApp Group

The club WhatsApp group has been really successful so far – there are plenty of quizzes to get involved with and just general chat. If you would like to get involved, contact me and I will add you in.

Virtual Circuits

Our virtual circuits have been a massive success since the start of lockdown and are a staple of our Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6pm. They are hosted on a mobile and desktop programme called Zoom – which is free for anyone to join. Upon sign-in follow the link: and you will be able to enable the microphone and video. Set it up to get a good angle & away you go.

  • Tuesdays are focused on body conditioning.
  • Thursdays are aimed at improving the cardio-vascular system

Pilates – NEW!!

We are into week four of our Wednesday Pilates sessions now and I for one am already feeling the benefit! The session starts at 6pm on and lasts approx. 1hr.

Corona ‘Shutdown’ Challenge

The Corona ‘Shutdown’ Challenge is still going strong and remains a tight battle between Ieuan and Chris for the Gold Medal – a daily challenge in which our members compete/support one another to gain points for a leaderboard. Full details can be found on the first page: tQuYTxJjj8/edit?usp=drivesdk.

Presidents Personal Challenge

We are getting closer to the deadline for the Presidents Personal Challenge and so far the challengers are progressing well – a couple have already completed their challenge and have set themselves new harder ones.

With a deadline of 7th June, the challenge is to set yourself a personal physical goal, we will then all support one another to reach that goal. It can be anything from planking for one minute, doing a pull up, running 5k in a set time, the challenges are endless and just as important as the other.Sign up to the pledge on the link and with your permission, I’d love to be able to share some stories on the clubs social media to show what our members are up to teenBU/edit?usp=sharing.

DRC Entertainment – NEW!!

The newly formed DRC entertainment group is coming up with ideas to keep our evenings fun. The Tuesday and Thursday night quizzes will remain on MyQuiz and Zoom at 8.30pm. If you’d like to submit a quiz or have an idea for themes, please get in touch.

On Sundays, we will be changing format slightly to host a weekly ‘DRC does Gameshows’.

Sunday 10th May

Sunday 17th May

If you will be taking part in this Sunday’s Rock and Roll Bingo, please let me know so I can produce you a bingo card.

Club Strava

Our Club Strava ‘Derby Rowing Club’ is progressing well, regularly sitting around 25th against the other rowing clubs nationally with 33 of our members regularly taking part.

Road to Tokyo – NEW!!

We have joined forces with a couple of the southern clubs (Walbrook, Henley, Gloucester, Reading & Upper Thames) in a masters challenge to cover the distance to Tokyo. We’ve already put down a great deal of distance, currently sitting in 3rd place and in Dudinka, Russia. Within the data, Mario Marks and Neil Shorrock are representing Derby RC nationally in the bike race (details below) and our top quad of (Graham Garner, Peter Holland-Lloyd, Stuart Grant and Alex Hastie) are doing well nationally in the field.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved so far and are continuing to upload their training. If you’d like to be involved, use JPU4U6R4Ee1aDIdTyTgd8lPx4Hm_d6s- sePYpP8/edit?usp=sharing to record scores.

Five Minutes With

Lockdown has provided the perfect opportunity to get to know our members better, and we have started to put together a ‘5 Minutes With’ based on each of our members. So far, we’ve held Q&A’s with the following:

If you’d like to be involved, please complete the following questions and send them over to

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where did you learn to row?
  3. How long have you been a member of DRC?
  4. What is your funniest memory at DRC?
  5. What is your greatest rowing achievement so far?
  6. Who would be your ideal partner in a double scull (it can be absolutely anyone, not necessarily a member of DRC)?
  7. What would be your desert island food?
  8. Who would your 2 dream dinner dates be?
  9. What is your hidden talent?
  10. What do you like most about being part of DRC ( apart from rowing/sculling)?

Philip J Phillips

Last week, an obituary for Phil Phillips was shared by Fred Hollis. Within this, Fred detailed the monumental impact Phil had on Derby RC, an instrumental figure in making the club what it is today. I personally, take a lot of inspiration from Phil, from his stories, his passion and his lifetime dedication to a club that he loved.

Last year, Phil was awarded a lifetime achievement award by Derby RC and I wanted to re-share the accompanying article.

“Phil is an ex-President, Captain and all around stalwart of Derby Rowing Club. Starting his Rowing Career at the Royal Shrewsbury School, Phil completed his A Levels at Henley College in 1955, whilst he was down in Henley-on-Thames racing and winning the Princess Elizabeth Cup at Henley Royal Regatta – this was the first time RSSBC had won anything for a long time. He went on to become a highly successful oarsman winning the Wyfold Challenge Cup and Stewards Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta and racing at the World Championships. At one point, Phil won the GB trials and on paper, should have been selected for the Olympics, but controversially was not selected – leading to changes made within British Rowing regarding selection.

Phil transitioned into coaching and umpiring following his competitive rowing career and had many successes in both. He led the Derby Rowing Club to many successes and strong performances and inspired a generation of new umpires.

In 2013, Phil was awards a Jubilee Medal by British Rowing, who cited the following “Philip Phillips of Derby Rowing Club. Phillip is described as a major catalyst at Derby RC. His enthusiasm, dedication and sheer hard work as a club official and coach over the last fifty years leaves a legacy clearly identified. Without his input the club would not be what it is today”. Over his years as Captain and President of Derby Rowing Club, Phil was involved in gaining funding for a new fleet of boats, the building of the new landing stage and many other successes we have experienced.

Thank you very much Phil for your lifetime service to Derby Rowing Club, you have inspired many generations of rowers, coxes, coaches, umpires and Derby Rowing Club members.”

Following his passing, please see below a link to a Remembrance Book for Phil. This has been produced by Dan Smith on behalf of the club and will allow all to submit their thoughts, pictures, memories, etc. of Phil.

With club wide access your input shall compile a permanent record of Phil’s life and shall enable other club members to view more of his remarkable involvement and contribution.

Please input your own stories, let others you know who may wish to add to the book. Ultimately it will be a Remembrance Book for Phil’s family and DRC of his legacy.

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