Dear Members,

This months newsletter is very different to all of the ones I have written before, as is the period of time we are all experiencing at the moment.

I wanted to start this months newsletter with a message of thanks to all of our members. Thank you for the support you have shown one another over the last few weeks, for the support you have shown the club in this uncertain time and to everyone that is assisting in this fight against COVID-19.

I wanted to share again the information regarding events you can get involved with during lock-down:

Club-wide WhatsApp Group

The club WhatsApp group has been really successful so far – there are plenty of quizzes to get involved with and just general chat. If you would like to get involved, contact me and I will add you in.

Virtual Circuits

Our virtual circuits have been a massive success over the past weeks and we are now running these every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm. They are hosted on a mobile and desktop programme called Zoom – which is free for anyone to join. Upon sign-in follow the link: and you will be able to enable the microphone and video. Set it up to get a good angle & away you go.

Corona ‘Shutdown’ Challenge

A few weeks back we launched the Corona ‘Shutdown’ Challenge – a daily challenge in which our members compete/support one another to gain points for a leaderboard. Full details can be found on the first page:

Presidents Personal Challenge

Ceri wanted to share with you all the President’s Personal Challenge. With a deadline of 7th June, the challenge is to set yourself a personal physical goal, we will then all support one another to reach that goal. It can be anything from planking for one minute, doing a pull up, running 5k in a set time, the challenges are endless and just as important as the other.Sign up to the pledge on the link and with your permission, I’d love to be able to share some stories on the clubs social media to show what our members are up to nIN42xjFDVdCC89-teenBU/edit?usp=sharing

Online Quizzing

On Thursday at 8.30pm, we hosted round 1 of the tensest inter-club quiz possible, we’ll be making these a regular occurrence so keep an eye out for future rounds. We’ll be having a sports round this Sunday (5th April) at 2pm.

Club Strava

Following a challenge set by Fulham Reach Boat Club, to see which Boat Club in the country can cover the most distance – I have created a Derby Rowing Club ‘club’ which I’d love you to all join and contribute to. Moving forward, this can also track our row’s/runs/cycles so even after this, we can see how active we are as a club.

The committee is continuing to communicate regularly regarding club operations and to introduce new initiatives and challenges to keep us all fit, healthy and engaged.

In addition to this, we recognise that individuals circumstances have changed due to the pandemic and ask that anyone who has any concerns regarding membership please contact Natalie Cook on, any queries will be dealt with confidentially and fairly.

Over the coming weeks, people will experience lows and highs and we all need to be there to pick up from the lows and to celebrate the highs. Continue to push each other, exchange banter on the whatsapp group, share challenges with one another and more importantly, support one another.

Please do your part, heed the Government advice about self-isolating, and please take social distancing seriously.

I look forward to seeing you all back at the club when it is safe to do so, and wish you all well in this period of uncertainty.

All the best,

Martha Nutkins


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